Wenn man aus allen Kasetten das Magnetband nähme, ginge viel verloren.

How you doin?
 Almost through with my final stuff.
Your final stuff?
 Yeah, you know.. like all my final stuff.
Alright, fine.
  What about you? Still with her?
With whom her?
 With her-her!
Ah. We're broke.
 How come?
 Oh, stuff.
 Just saying. It's important to talk over.
Right. To my mind it's all bullshit.
 Yeah and the stuff all those presidents...
You must be very engaged.
 I am. I am.
Then why not us two stick together.
I like how stuff comes.
You like stuff, I like stuff... why not be together?
 Got it! Why not.
 Guess we should kiss and stuff then.
Does this has to be?
 Think so?
 [Gives a try]
It's not workin out.
 Well. Love is strange.
Like what?
 Like stuff.

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